Starting with

When you go to, you will see something like this.

An chéad leathanach

Click on “Open the editor” to open the main page:

The first site

There are three pieces on the site. They are the “stáitse” (stage), the editor and the console.

The parts

You can write Setanta programs in the editor. Then when you click the start button, the program starts running. Then the program can draw shapes on the stage, or write phrases out on the console.


Type scríobh('Dia duit') in the editor like this

If you don’t know how to type “í”, you can use “scriobh”.

Dia duit

Now, click on the start button.

Dia duit

Now look at the console!

Dia duit

Congratulations!, you wrote your first Setanta program!

Drawing shapes

You can use Setanta to draw shapes on the stage

ciorcal@stáitse(200, 200, 100)

The first line changes the colour of the pen to dearg (red). Then the second line draws a circle around the point (200, 200) with radius 100. Press the start button and look at the stage.


You can draw rectangles, squares or any other shape! Try out this code:

dron@stáitse(300, 300, 400, 200)
ciorcalLán@stáitse(300, 300, 50)
ciorcalLán@stáitse(700, 300, 50)
ciorcal@stáitse(300, 500, 50)
ciorcal@stáitse(700, 500, 50)

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